Name: Mr. Grimm (Gabriel)
Age: 25
Occupation: Circus Ringmaster
Species: ????
Personality: Grimm is very happy-go-lucky and often even a little goofy. He's known for being very generous and kind, as he often takes in lost or homeless people into his circus. Though he has a very dark (And quite insane) side that surfaces whenever he takes part in violence or sees blood. It is revealed that his insanity was very potent in his past and he would often murder people when he went out of control. Nowadays he feels very guilty for his past and tries to help anyone in need to try and pay for his sins. He is VERY protective of his 'carnies' and considers them nothing less than family.
Extra: His weapon of choice is a blade hidden inside of a cane. He Loves sweets. (especially Lucia's)But oddly enough, he has hyperactive problems when it comes to coffee.

Name: Lucia
Occupation: Tight Rope Walker and Acrobat.
Species: Human
Personality: Kind and spirited with a big heart. She is often stubborn and tends to rush into things, but she always means well and follows what her heart believes is right. She is friendly and very easy to get along with.
Extra: She is spry and flexible (though not as much as Brandy), and she has a special talent for cooking.

Name: Raji
Age: 16
Occupation: Costume Designer and Performer.
Species: Neko
Personality: VERY ditzy and clumsy. She also very loyal and perhaps a tad bit naive.
Extra: She is a skilled costume designer and creates most if not all of the costumes for the circus acts. She thinks she has to be the resident match-maker for the circus. She has an EXTREME phobia of birds, and doesn't get along well with the phoenixes or other bird-like creatures in the circus. She is like a little sister to Mr. Grimm.

Name: Dusty
Age: 24
Occupation: Performer
Species: Zombie
Personality: Carefree and easygoing. He likes to help people and make himself useful, though sometimes he makes blunders in the process. He can occasionally be clumsy, but he is usually just energetic and likes to have fun.
Extra: He used to have a strange ability to breath fire, but when he was adopted from the Circus in his early teens, his adopted parents paid for a surgery to remove that ability. He used to be a human, but when he died (Act 3) he mysteriously came back as a Zombie. According to him, a woman with long pink hair brought him back. He has a strange fascination with ants.

Name: Tanya
Age: ???
Occupation: Performer and Occasional Acrobat
Species: Soul Eater
Personality: Calm and quiet. She is patient and intelligent. She's not much of a socialite, so she typically sticks around her close friends.
Extra: She was among the first members of the circus along with Dusty, Benjamin, and Raji. Though she is a Soul Eater, she actually does not enjoy eating souls and gets along quite well with humans.

Name: Benjamin
Age: Very, very old.
Occupation: Circus Doctor
Species: Dragon
Personality: He is calm and peaceful, with lots of experience and wisdom.
Extra: He doesn't participate in the Circus acts, but he is very skilled with medicine. His hobby is to read books, the thicker the better. But his eyesight is bad and he is often seen wearing small reading glasses.

Name: Mio
Age: 26
Occupation: Circus Children and Small Animal Caretaker
Species: Half Soul Eater and Half Banshee
Personality: She acts cold and uncaring, but she actually is very kind. She especially has a soft spot for children and small animals, which is why she became a caretaker at the circus.
Extra: She currently has a grudge against Grimm for killing her parents years ago, but she is slowly starting to realize that Grimm is a changed man. Her special attack is an earsplitting scream inherited by her mother's banshee blood.

Name: Haru
Age: 27
Occupation: Illusionist and Performer
Species: Dream Eater
Personality: Protective and loyal. He is friendly and rarely considers anyone a stranger. He has a special soft spot for those who are suffering or in trouble. Sometimes he can be over protective though, especially to Lucia.
Extra: He is Lucia's brother who was believed to be dead for quite a while. He was 100% human before he died. He claims to have been resurrected by a woman with long pink hair, just like Dusty.

Name: Azriel and Brandy
Age: ??? and 27 (respectively)
Occupation: Performer, Contortionist and Dancer (respectively)
Species: Fallen Angel, Human (respectively)
Personality: Az is cool and calm, Brandy is spirited and friendly.
Extra: Az and Brandy are happily married, having been the first couple to marry at the Circus. Az has the ability to heal quickly, therefore it is very hard to kill him. Thus, his act is based upon that ability. Brandy is extremely flexible and can bend her body to nearly any shape possible. She has the abilities of a soul slinger, meaning she can take the energies of souls and turn them into weapons.

Name: Morte
Age: 26
Occupation: Serial Killer
Species: Human
Personality: He can only be described as emotionless for the majority of the time. He rarely shows much reaction or expression unless it has to do with Mr. Grimm or Vynn. He is insane and greatly enjoys the sight of blood and suffering.
Extra: He has a parasitic shadowy creature that resides in his left shoulder. He is very skillful in combat, equal to Grimm himself. He and Grimm knew each other in their pasts, and would often go out and kill people together. Due to a so far unknown event, he and Mr. Grimm presently have grudges against each other, and would like nothing less to kill each other. He likes to paint on walls when he's not murdering people, and is quite skillful in the arts.

Name: Vynn
Occupation: Assistant Serial Killer
Species: Human
Personality: She is random and a complete nutcase. She has too much energy for her own good (And often gets on Morte's nerves because of it).
Extra: She is Morte's current murder partner. She has command over a bunch of wolf spirits, whom also act as her guardians. She also has a garden of water hydrants. (For some reason) She has an irrational fear of printed currency.

Mr. Grimm's Circus of Horrors